Monday, September 6, 2010

Home is Where the Heart is

"Happiness is not a destination; its a journey"
               - Anonymous

Well in a certain Greek hero's case, the opposite is true.

Odysseus couldn't be content until he was resting his head on his own pillow in his own bed with his own wife in Ithaca. His pursuit of happiness was more or less a pursuit of home sweet home.

At times his resolve was tested, but it didn't take long for our hero to realize that true happiness came with his own family and property. All other forms were fleeting and hollow - Lotus Eaters, Calypso, etc.

Is home the only peg that can fit perfectly in the hole of happiness? Those lucky enough to have a warm household and loving family like Odysseus did could agree. But what about those who don't? where is their home? If we look at home as an idea, and not a finite physical location, the answer becomes clear. Everybody in this world has a home, the thing or group of things that make them most comfortable, accepted, and, ultimately, happy. Whether your at home when your painting, or making music, or reading, or running, or playing online video games, or even sitting on the throne of ancient Ithaca, the concept of a home is important to every human being. And home is where the happiness is.

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