Monday, September 6, 2010

The American Dream

You can't buy happiness.
Is that so?

For different reasons, Joe Kavalier and Sam Clay embark on a journey guaranteed to yield some serious coin for the both of them. They had problems, and money could fix that. Money, it seemed, could fix everything.

Skip forward to the end of the book. After a lifetime in the pursuit of comfortable salary, both Joe and Sam have just as many problems, only with different faces. Sam struggles with homosexuality, as he raises the son his best friend Joe left to fight in World War 2. It's safe to say that money didn't solve everything.

But maybe money isn't the bad guy. Maybe its putting all faith into one tangible thing for happiness, as if there were a magical cure-all for life's problems. Maybe there is no cure. Happiness can only come when problems are realized, faced and overcome. There are no shortcuts around them.

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